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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Build better digital products.

Learn from Europe's greatest minds at the intersection of tech, design and business.

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1000+ Attendees
40+ Top Speakers
25+ Sessions
2 Days

About the Conference

The second edition of our Digitale Leute Summit is a two-day event for digital professionals in tech, design and product development. On the first day we offer a range of full-day workshops with experienced coaches. These workshops give you a unique and hands-on opportunity to learn from industry leading experts.

On the second day our conference with up to 1.000 attendees and over 30 speakers will take place on three stages at a thrilling location in Cologne, Germany. Our on-stage interviews, panels, fireside-chats and case studies provide deep insights into the tools, tactics and methods of professionals developing digital products in large scale environments. Learn how these individuals and organizations find unique solutions to their digital challenges and get pragmatic advice for your daily work. Browse last years experience: programpictures, videos, speakers.

Spend time networking with inspiring thinkers and doers during our evening event & party. Like last year, we top off the conference with interactive art installations, an electronic live music performance, streetfood and drinks powered by ART@TECH.

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Confirmed Speakers

Colleen Graneto

Product Leader at Airbnb. Teaches Product Management, Scrum and Agile at General Assembly.read more

Frank Bach

Lead Product Designer Headspace. Worked as Senior Visual & Interaction Designer at Edenspiekerman.read more

Khushboo Jha

Product Lead Amazon Alexa. Teaches as featured speaker at Product School.read more

Scott Weiss

VP Product Design Babbel. Held design roles at SwiftKey, Microsoft & Apple.read more

Dr. Lutz Krauß

Head of UI/UX at Porsche AG.

Jochen Jaser

CIO at HRS. Held leadership roles at Matrix42, Avira and Bearing Point.read more

Sade Snowden-Akintunde

Data Scientist at Codecademy. Worked on Personalization at HelloFresh.read more

Serge Vartanov

Senior Software Engineer at Tinder. Worked as Chief Marketing Officer at AutoGravity.read more

Terhi Hänninen

Senior Product Manager at Zalando.read more

Benoit Terpereau

VP Product at Deezer. Worked as Product Director at Enablon and CTO at MyLittleParis.read more

Stephanie Kaiser

Founder Heartbeat Labs & Council to the Federal Government. Led Product Management at Wooga.read more

Philip Baumann

Chief Product Officer at Ecosia. Led Product Management Mobile at DaWanda.read more

Marc Abraham

Product Ownership Practice Lead at Asos.com. He is a Global Product Tank Coordinator at Mind the Product.read more

Kasia Odrozek

Internet Health Report Manager at Mozilla. Held product roles at TapeWrite and Wikimedia.read more

Robert Weller

Head of People Analytics SAP.read more

Vilma Sirainen

Product Design Manager at Zalando.read more

Ole Bossdorf

Head of Business Intelligence at Project A.read more

Kristina Walcker-Mayer

Product Lead at N26. Held product roles at Zalando.read more

Fritz Gerhard

VP Prototypes & Product codecentric.read more

Brittni Bowering

Head of Brand AJ&Smart. Design Sprint Expert and Training Lead.read more

Fabian Dill

CEO and Head of Data Science at Die Produktmacher.read more

Dat Tran

Head of AI at Axel Springer AI. Held Data Scientist roles at Idealo, Pivotal and Accenture.read more

Markus Kuchnia

Managing Director Digital Products Interhyp.read more

Philipp Panizza

Team Lead Digital Products at Interhyp.read more

Tim Herbig

Product Management Coach, Author, and Speaker.read more

Niels Anhalt

Unit Director at Nexum. Held roles at Pironet and Pixelpark.read more

Hailey Temple

Services Lead at Mural. Worked as Design Strategist at SAP.read more

Stefan Tilkov

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at INNOQ.read more

Mateo Vondey

Head of Customer Experience auxmoney. Held UX-Roles at QVC and SapientNitro.read more

Ann-Lee Chou

User Experience Researcher at Eyeo. Held roles at Google and Doubleclick.read more

Justas Petronis

Product Manager at Trafi. Worked as Project Manager at Adform.read more

Sebastian Wolf

Product Owner Ticket & Mobility Apps at Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG).read more

Stefanie Grewening

Software Developer at ThoughtWorks.read more

Michael Fait

Lead Developer for Smart Ecosystems at ThoughtWorks.read more

Sandra Griffel

Experience Design Director at Denkwerk.read more

Robert Jänisch

Founder and CEO at IOX Lab.read more

Fiona Coath

Senior Consultant Developer at Thoughtworks.read more

Adam Janes

Data Visualisation Engineer and Fellow at Dalarub & Ettrichread more

Sebastian Deutsch

Co-Founder and CTO at 9elements.read more

Gero Duppel

Managing Director and CTO at pro.volution.read more

Ayk Odabasyan

CEO at Appmatics. Worked as Product Manager at Simyo.read more

Jonas Spengler

Co-Founder and CTO at Komoot.read more

Oliver Pitsch

Head of UX and QA at Trusted Shops. Co-founded Reputami.com.read more

Dr. Michael Wegener

CEO at TFN. Former Head of Product Management at Otto Group.read more

Sven Christian Andrä

Chief Digital Officer at Klingel Gruppe.read more

André Christ

CEO at LeanIX.read more

Andreas Altmannsberger

Product Owner at Wolters Kluwer.read more

Anne Naleli Bahry

Innovation Project Manager at Wolters Kluwer.read more

Andreas Melzner

Founder and CEO at Cologne Intelligence.read more

Martin Prinz

Managing Director at Coac.read more

Andreas Wienold

Regional Director at Twilio.read more

Emilia Severin

Product DACH at Klarna.read more

Mary-Ann Sprenger

Product Manager "Learn German" at Deutsche Welle.read more

Emiko Beising-Keuck

Project Manager at Deutsche Welle.read more

Alexander Poensgen

Head of Engineering at Trusted Shops. Held Leadership Roles at Sedo and Cisco.read more

Lars Haßler

Head of Product Management at Trusted Shops.read more

Sigurd Jaiser

Business Development Manager at Sipgate.read more


Stage 1
Main Hall
Stage 2
Side Hall
Stage 3
Side Hall
Break Out Stage 1
Break Out Stage 2
Stage 1
Main Hall
Stage 2
Side Hall
Stage 3
Side Hall
Break Out Stage 1
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Introduction to DL Summit 2019

Stefan Vosskötter, Founder Digitale Leute (Main Stage)



by Andreas Wolter, Mayor of Cologne (Main Stage)


Coffee Break




Coffee Break


Wrap up by Digitale Leute Team & Dinner


Topics 2019

Designing Products is not just about UX anymore.
How do you enable your teams to create great products?
Sustainability in Tech
How tech can have a positive impact on our world.
AI &
Data Science
Insights into successful data driven product and growth strategies.
How to develop large scale E-Commerce platforms.
Remote Work
Work independently from time and location without friction.
Managing Yourself
How to manage frustrations and how to stay productive.
Fintech Products
How to design and develop fintech products.

Our Pre-Conference Workshops

Beyond Agile – Build Better Products at Airbnb with Colleen Graneto // SOLD OUT

This workshop will go beyond traditional agile practices and cover techniques for generating ideas, prioritizing opportunities, validating product-market fit, developing product strategy, and identifying product metrics to measure success.

Design Sprints on Steroids with Niels Anhalt // SOLD OUT

User experience, service design and design thinking communities have given us a lot of help to solve problems with the user and the business in mind. But how can we combine the right methods and bring them together in a format that fits the busy business schedule of product development teams?

Product Discovery Essentials with Jan Milz & Nikkel Blaase

Learn how to turn a fuzzy vision into a successful product. Product Discovery is an innovation technique that helps organisations to continuously improve existing products in new meaningful ways or to create completely new products that provide significant new customer value.

Understanding Product Management at Amazon Alexa with Khushboo Jha // SOLD OUT

The Product Owner workshop shares an approach that allows product managers to think like startups CEOs and own end-to-end of their product. This, of course, means starting from the customer and working backwards.

Bridging the Gap – Using Design Thinking and Agile to Build Better Products // SOLD OUT

In this workshop you will learn how to incorporate Enterprise Design Thinking methods into your everyday project flow and apply a range of practical tools and principles that will make your team's work easier.

Domain Driven Design with Aminata Sidibe & Oliver Tigges

Cross-Team Empathy: How we develop a common understanding of our product with Domain-driven Design, Event Storming and Domain Storytelling.

OKRs in Agile Product Development with Sonja Mewes & Tim Herbig

Building products by using agile principles is an effective way to grow a business. Learn what effective OKRs are made of and how to use them for setting your team up for working on outcomes instead of features.

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Schanzenstraße 40
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The Summit will take place in the historic mechanical engineering factory in Cologne’s vibrant quarter Schanzenviertel.




Schanzenstraße 40, 51063 Köln

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