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Blood, Sweat and Tears – How to Manage Frictions and Frustrations in Crossfunctional Teams

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We all know the stories of successful products and the great people or companies behind them. We talk a lot less about the blood, sweat and tears involved in developing these products (Hopefully, it is more sweat and tears and less blood, though).

However, whether we like it or not, frustrations are part and parcel of developing products. Marc explains the reasons why frustrations are a reality for most of us when creating products, shares his lessons learned (often the hard way) and provides you with a wide range of tools and techniques to better manage the frustrating side of product management.


Marc Abraham

Product Ownership Practice Lead at Asos.com. He is a Global Product Tank Coordinator at Mind the Product.

Having worked for a variety of companies in industries ranging from TV entertainment, finance to real estate, “product nomad” Marc Abraham has over a decade of product experience. Although managing frustrations is an ongoing part of his experience as a product manager and leader, he continuously tries to best keep on top of these frustrations and emotions and supports his peers in doing the same.