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Distributed Teams Are the Future – Best Practices for Remote Teams

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Remote work is not only one of the hot topics of digital product development. It is also one of the most divisive. While some are praising the undeniable benefits of working independent from time and location, others point out, that nothing will ever be as productive as a co-located team in the same office. In this presentation, Tim Herbig, Product Lead at Iridion, sheds some light on familiar concepts and misconceptions around remote work. Based on best practises from successful remote companies and his personal experiences Tim highlights, what is necessary to establish a rich culture, that turns the trade-offs of working remote into real advantages. It’s the talk, that’s going to make you question why you should show up at your office the next day after all.


Tim Herbig

Product Management Coach, Author, and Speaker.

Tim Herbig is well-known to longtime followers of Digitale Leute. The Product Lead of Iridion is a regular host of our Podcast, has spoken at our first Summit in 2018 and held multiple workshops. As if that was not enough to keep him busy, Tim is also a book author, conference speaker and trainer on product management, leadership and team collaboration.