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Peer Recruiting in Self-Organized Teams

Break Out Stage 2

Lessons learned from five years of peer recruiting in self-organized teams or how do we make us happy.
Sipgate started using the Scrum framework in 2010. Soon after, they discovered lean concepts, and in the next years, they figured out how to work lean and agile all over the organization. Over the years, they quit all departments for cross-functional teams as a result of reducing handoffs, eliminating waiting times, and misunderstandings. All teams can work fast and autonomously without having to wait for decisions or services from outside. And, the team members are enabled for HR decisions.


Sigurd Jaiser

Business Development Manager at Sipgate.

Sigurd Jaiser is part of the founder and business development team of sipgate. The company was founded in 2003 and provides innovative landline, mobile, and telephony services with more than a million private and business customers. sipgate is working lean and agile since 2010, and Sigurd has accompanied all pains, changes, and transformations physically and psychologically until today.