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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Challenges from two worlds – Lessons learned building connected vehicles

Stage 3

ThoughtWorks is a global software consultancy, that has been solving complex problems with technology for  25+ years now. From our extensive experience in developing software, we pioneered open-source products that support development teams to create better software.

Imagine you could extend the functionality of your car in a similar way you can extend the functionality of your smartphone: You could easily download and install applications on demand, without going to a workshop, just while you drive. Building functionality like this combines the challenges of two worlds – the embedded and the web world. In this talk we share our experiences and thoughts tackling challenges we encountered building platforms for our automotive clients.


Stefanie Grewening

Software Developer at ThoughtWorks.

Stefanie is working as a software developer with ThoughtWorks Germany since 2014. Most of her professional career, she has been working on large custom software delivery projects ranging from web development to developing software for embedded systems.

Michael Fait

Lead Developer for Smart Ecosystems at ThoughtWorks.

Michael is a principal consultant and software developer with ThoughtWorks. Over the last 15 years, Michael has been working on software projects worldwide, but mostly in his hometown Hamburg, Germany. In the recent past, Michael was involved in developing connected devices for the automotive and logistics industry. He helped to build IoT consumer products.