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The Green Search Engine – Creating Digital Products with an Ethical Standard

Stage 2

More than 50 million trees around the globe have been planted by the non-profit search engine Ecosia by now. Ecosia’s Chief Product Officer, Philip Baumann, explains, how he and his team have developed a platform with an ecological conscience. He highlights how Ecosia uses micro-interactions to keep twelve million monthly active users engaged, so they can develop a lifestyle of sustainability and awareness. In a talk that is going to change your perspective on ethical product development, Philip shows you, how every digital company can live up to its responsibilities without harming the business goals.

Ecosia is not working despite its socio-ecological cause. It is working because of it.


Philip Baumann

Chief Product Officer at Ecosia. Led Product Management Mobile at DaWanda.

From a short-lived engagement at Greenpeace in his younger years to his current position at Ecosia, Philip has committed his career to an important cause. “Using technology to bring real long-term value to users while reconciling our relationship with nature is one of the most crucial challenges of our times,” says Philip, who is now leading product and empowering agile teams at Germany’s first-ever B corporation.

Anna-Lena Kümpel


Startup Agent Digital Hub Cologne GmbH

Anna-Lena’s trip through the Startup World started in 2016 when she worked as an editor for the German Startup Magazine Berlin Valley. In Oct. 2017 she moved to the Rhineland, and since then she works as the Startup Agent of the Digital Hub Cologne. In this function, she builds a strong network of regional startups to connect them to local SME-Companies.