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Eating Your Own Dog Food – How an Interaction-Based Analytics Platform Went from Internal to Global

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SAP, the world’s largest software company outside the US, delivers digital solutions for thousands of businesses around the globe. One of its most important customers, though, is SAP itself.

In this fireside chat, Robert Weller, Head of People Analytics, explains how he and his team have developed, tested and released internal solutions for the HR  department and people analytics, that are now shipped globally to customers of SAP. Learn, how Robert and his team did internal user research in a company with 100.000 employees worldwide and how they created an easy to use analytics dashboard, that adds real value to the entire HR process from hire to retire.

Robert also looks into the future of HR assistants, that focus on interaction and data-driven suggestions through modern analytics approaches.


Robert Weller

Head of People Analytics SAP.

With grades both in economics and computer science, Robert brings the best of both worlds to his role as chief Product Owner of SAP’s people analytics. His mission is to enable stakeholders in workforce steering excellence at SAP by delivering people concerning information in an innovative and intuitive consumable format.

Tanja Lau


CEO at Product Academy.

Tanja is the founder and CEO of Product Academy, a Swiss institution offering training for product people in Europe who are aiming at transforming their teams and companies into truly learning, customer-centric organizations. As a founding partner of start-ups in Munich and Madrid, she has gained valuable entrepreneurial experience, which she passes on as coach and public speaker on various occasions.