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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Let’s become dispensable – How modern architecture helps to grow without growing pains

Fireside Chat
Stage 3

With its transparent company culture and a set of modern tools, LeanIX grew from a small tech startup to one of the biggest Enterprise Architecture Tools worldwide.

In this fireside chat, André Christ, Founder and CEO of LeanIX, explains how LeanIX fundamentally changed the way they build software over the last couple of years. He will show you why it is better to say “no” to customers more often, why it is important to be able to scale teams and how they made OKRs part of their Scrum routine. He will also dip into his role as a CEO, who is still deeply involved in product management.


André Christ

CEO at LeanIX.

As the founder of LeanIX, André was highly involved in the technical product development process from the beginning. In the last years, he held roles as a developer, product manager, product owner – while also being the CEO at the same time.

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