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Designing for AI

Break Out Stage 1

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence. And for a good reason. AI can empower businesses, their services, their employees and their customer experience. It’s a great instrument.

We see that businesses often:

1. Don’t even consider AI for their business, also though it might make sense for them.
2. Don’t know how to tackle/understand the concept of AI.
3. Just do something with AI, but don’t relate it to real problems.
4. Create services with AI, but fail due to not considering relevant scenarios.

We want to dive into this topic and help our clients approach AI in the right way. To help them understand HOW they can make use out of WHAT technology. To help them solve the correct problems with the right technologies. – That’s why we developed our collaborative, one day AI workshop!

In our talk at Digitale Leute Summit, we will introduce you to this brand new format and show how to apply it on the base of practical examples. Moreover, we show how our workshop methods and material, contribute to approaching, understanding and ideating with Artificial intelligence. Participants don’t need any experience.

At the end of our talk participants will have gained an overview about fields of application for AI and leave the room with a clear idea of how they could approach an AI Ideation for their company; Well prepared to take actions!


Sandra Griffel

Experience Design Director at Denkwerk.

Sandra is leading interdisciplinary teams of XD designers and researchers in the delivery of sophisticated insight-led solutions that align key business drivers to user needs. Sandra contributes to local and international XD communities on topics such as conversational interfaces, development of screenless interfaces, future & foresight and innovative user research techniques.