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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

How to Make Service Design an Integral Part of the Product Development Team

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Founded in 1999, Interhyp is Germany’s market leader in comparison and brokerage of mortgage lending. Interhyp scaled the agile structure to 13 teams, which deliver digital self-service mortgage platforms for customers and professional users like financial consultants along the whole customer journey. They put much focus on self-monitoring, freedom and accountability of their teams.

In this fireside chat Markus Kuchnia, Managing Director Digital Products, and Philipp Panizza, Team Lead Digital Products, give you insights on their unique team structure. For them, it’s essential to see the creative roles, especially the Service Designer and UX-Designer, not as an isolated unit, but as an integral part of each team.


Philipp Panizza

Team Lead Digital Products at Interhyp.

Philipp has a degree in International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University, SAIS.
Since 2017 he is the Team Lead for four B2C product development teams (Product Owner, Specialist Business and Service Designer, UX Designer).
From 2013 -2017 he was Senior Consultant Digitization and Financial Services at Roland Berger.

Markus Kuchnia

Managing Director Digital Products Interhyp.

Markus has a degree in Business Informatics from the University Regensburg. He held different roles at Interhyp, acting as Head of Business Development from 2015 to 2016 and overseeing the strategic project portfolio. Since 2017 Markus is responsible for the development of all digital products and the agile transformation at Interhyp.

Mirko Lorenz


Innovation Manager, Deutsche Welle

Mirko is a journalist, innovator and project manager. He is a member of the Research- and Cooperation Team at DW. His project explores the use of blockchain for the trading of creative work such as photos. Further, he is deeply involved in the space of data-driven journalism. Datawrapper, a charting tool he co-founded and leads as co-CEO is used for chart and map creation in hundreds of newsrooms around the world.