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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Ask me Anything Product

Stage 2

Following the talks & fireside chats, in this session, you can ask our speaker more in-depth and more specific questions on how they develop their digital products.


Colleen Graneto

Product Leader at Airbnb. Teaches Product Management, Scrum and Agile at General Assembly.

In her role at Airbnb, she is transforming the platform infrastructure and refining the product development methodology, so that new business growth can happen fast. Before leading the Payments team, she was responsible for Airbnb Experiences. Having worked for B2B- and B2C-products alike, Colleen has a unique understanding of what is necessary to launch products that resonate with users.

Khushboo Jha

Product Lead Amazon Alexa. Teaches as featured speaker at Product School.

Either as a strategy consultant or as a product manager, launching businesses and new products have always been the driving force in Khushboo’s career. In her various roles at Amazon, she has helped the already gigantic retailer to open up new marketplaces and find new business opportunities.

Ben Sufiani


Founder at Pirate Skills.

Ben is a Cologne based founder of several web and app startups since 2008. He feels most at home where business, psychology and computer science meet. His current project Pirate Skills focuses on helping founders to master the art and science of growth marketing through free meetups and a comprehensive workshops program.