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Product Discovery for Voice Interfaces – How to Research Customers With Millions of Data Points

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With over 100 million devices sold, Amazon Alexa has defined the market for voice assistants at home. Khushboo Jha leads the team for enhancing Alexa’s offline capabilities. Learn, how the teams at Alexa research their customers and study millions of data points so they can add new functions based on user behaviour that can be radically different from what you usually experience with a user. For example, unique voice commands like “Alexa, will you marry me?” present a particular challenge for the user research teams.

In this fireside chat, Khushboo gives you a glimpse towards the potentials of the next generation of voice assistants, that is going to be independent of a wifi connection.


Khushboo Jha

Product Lead Amazon Alexa. Teaches as featured speaker at Product School.

Either as a strategy consultant or as a product manager, launching businesses and new products have always been the driving force in Khushboo’s career. In her various roles at Amazon, she has helped the already gigantic retailer to open up new marketplaces and find new business opportunities.

Andreas Kwiatkowski


Co-Founder and Managing Director at how.fm

Andreas is an experienced founder with great interest in excellent products. He has vast experience in product management and is passionate about productivity and time management tools. With SoundReply he studies how product development for voice apps work.