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A Single Source of Truth – How To Build Your Own Data Warehouse

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Giving their 50+ ventures that have been funded since 2012 a dedicated operative support has proven to be a key success factor for the Berlin-based VC Project A. Ole Bossdorf, Head of BI at Project A, and his team are one of those operative experts, who support the investments with building a data infrastructure that makes sense, creates value and doesn’t harm the ability to stay agile and iterate fast.

In this fireside chat, Ole talks about the essentials of how to build the single data source of truth in your company. He discusses the pros and cons of open-source vs paid frameworks, cloud storage vs on-premise databases, and whether you should combine different BI tools or rather have a single-source solution.

This fireside chat is not about whether you should invest in your data. It’s about how to do it right.


Ole Bossdorf

Head of Business Intelligence at Project A.

Ole has helped more than a dozen Project A companies with building their data warehouse. Data-driven decision-making is essential to Ole, who, became a self-taught technology enthusiast after completing his international studies of business development and entrepreneurship in Germany, the Netherlands and the US.

Oliver Thylmann


Serial Entrepreneur and co-founder at Giant Swarm.

Husband, Father of 3, Internet Entrepreneur since 1996, developer whisperer, geek, compulsive first adopter, co-founder @giantswarm.