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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

The Joy of Staying Innovative – How to Drive Engagement and Creativity in a Software Company

Stage 3

At 16 locations across Europe, codecentric develops software solutions for a variety of industries, from automotive to aviation and e-commerce. Cornerstones of the IT service provider’s corporate culture are as well the continuous innovation and remote-first approach.

In this fireside chat, Fritz Gerhard, VP Product & Prototypes at codecentric, gives insights into how codecentric establishes and develops innovative and agile methods, both internally and with its customers. Three different types of teams, that operate and develop at different speeds, make sure that codecentric meets the needs of every customer.  He shows you how to boost creativity in the enterprise to increase productivity and how to enable developers by giving them responsibility for the business. You will learn how to dissolve hierarchies to make organizational units agile. Also, he shows how codecentric lives remote work and how they promote team culture and experimentation with their 500 employees.


Fritz Gerhard

VP Prototypes & Product codecentric.

From startup founder to practicing physician to software development, Fritz had an illustrious and varied career. At codecentric, he uses his experience to find new business opportunities all over the globe, as well as to manage and mentor his international teams of developers, designers and product managers.

Tanja Lau


CEO at Product Academy.

Tanja is the founder and CEO of Product Academy, a Swiss institution offering training for product people in Europe who are aiming at transforming their teams and companies into truly learning, customer-centric organizations. As a founding partner of start-ups in Munich and Madrid, she has gained valuable entrepreneurial experience, which she passes on as coach and public speaker on various occasions.