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The Perfect (Test) Plan – How to Setup Your Mobile App QA

Stage 3

With more than 150 customers, Appmatics helped many companies to build better mobile apps through a world-class quality assurance setup.

In this talk, Ayk shows you the best app testing practices he and his team developed over the last years for agile teams. He presents how a careful elaborated test process leads to adequate test coverage, bug reproducibility and fast turnaround times. He helps you to make the tough decisions: which device setup to use, and how to test features for robustness and low data consumption.


Ayk Odabasyan

CEO at Appmatics. Worked as Product Manager at Simyo.

Ayk Odabasyan started his career in marketing. For many years he lead the marketing activities of the e-sport company Turtle Entertainment. He then pivoted into mobile app development. He spent a couple of years at Simyo, before he started his own company Appmatics.