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Ask me Anything Tech

Ask me Anything
Stage 3

Following the talks & fireside chats, in this session, you can ask our speaker more in-depth and more specific questions on how they develop their digital products.


Sade Snowden-Akintunde

Data Scientist at Codecademy. Worked on Personalization at HelloFresh.

Working for mid-stage e-subscription companies has given Sade a unique perspective on data science, as she’s seen many ways that technology companies can work efficiently and inefficiently with their data and experimentation tools. Prior to working at Codecademy, she worked for the Berlin-based meal kit delivery service HelloFresh out of their New York City office.

Jonas Spengler

Co-Founder and CTO at Komoot.

Jonas Spengler grew up in the mountains, where he developed his passion for being outdoors. He moved to Berlin to work as a freelance developer and graduated in computer and social science. Komoot now gives him the chance to combine his love for nature with his enthusiasm for new technologies.