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Is the Internet still healthy for our human society? Insights from Mozilla’s Internet Health Report

Stage 3

The Mozilla Foundation describes itself as „a non-profit organization that promotes openness, innovation, and participation on the Internet.“ Mostly known for its popular Firefox browser, Mozilla develops a range of technologies and products to fuel the movement for a „healthy internet“. One of them is the Internet Health Report – a series of publications highlighting solutions that shape the internet so that it serves us as a society instead of harming us.

The report team combines research, interview, public comments and analysis of internet issues and produces quarterly publications and an annual status report on this basis. In this talk, Kasia presents the latest publication on the opportunities and challenges of product development in the field of smart home devices and will share insights on frameworks that can be used when developing Internet of Things products that serve and protect their users‘ privacy by design.


Kasia Odrozek

Internet Health Report Manager at Mozilla. Held product roles at TapeWrite and Wikimedia.

Kasia Odrozek is Product Manager for the Internet Health Report at Mozilla. She is a long-time open web and digital rights activist, product manager, entrepreneur and lawyer. Before Mozilla, she worked on developing Wikimedia software. She is also a recipient of the Google News Initiative grant with her startup TapeWrite and a contributor to the international blogger community Global Voices.