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Improving the Digital Experience: Winning customers‘ hearts by seamlessly integrating communication into your app, website or e-shop

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Twilio is a customer engagement platform that makes communication programmable. We help developers integrate communication channels such as voice, SMS, video, chat, WhatsApp, IVR, Email and more into their digital products using APIs.

In a digital world where products are becoming more and more interchangeable, the true distinction for a brand or product is the experience of the customer. Personalized communication is one way to ensure greater engagement, but using the right channel – be this telephone, WhatsApp or chat – significantly impacts your customers experience. Get inspired by discovering Best-In-Class Communication UX examples and Re-imagine how to integrate communication channels into Your digital product. Twilio will show you how you can easily implement communication features into apps, websites or e-shops.


Andreas Wienold

Regional Director at Twilio.

Andreas Wienold is Regional Director DACH at Twilio and in this role responsible for the expansion and management of the regional team. He is also part of the EMEA Senior Leadership Team. Andreas has over 20 years of experience in managing digital businesses in the IT and telecommunication industry; among others he has worked for VBrick Systems, Lifesize and VCON Telecommunication.