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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

5 typical design mistakes when developing products and how to avoid them

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9elements has been developing software solutions for all kinds of industries since 1999. In the meantime, the agency has grown to more than 70 employees and has worked with companies like Bertelsmann, Shutterstock and Zalando.

In this Fireside Chat co-founder and „Head of Nerds“ Sebastian Deutsch recaps his experience from two decades of software development. In particular, he deals with typical errors in UI design, which he still observes in many companies today. Above all, Sebastian will tell you how to avoid these mistakes. Join this conversation and learn why it’s worth investing in a unified design system and that giving designers crash courses in programming pays off in the long run.


Sebastian Deutsch

Co-Founder and CTO at 9elements.

Sebastian Deutsch is a co-founder of the software-agency 9elements. His official job title is CTO, but he rather calls himself Head of Nerds. Sebastian started hacking at a young age on a Commodore Amiga computer. From then on he developed software on various platforms, constantly exploring new and inventive ways of using technology.

Manuel Koelman


Founder Pirate.Global

Manuel is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and chairman of Pirate.global. He has experienced the entrepreneurial rollercoaster first-hand. Pirate.global connects the startup ecosystem and organizes e.g. the Pirate Summit, the “craziest startup conference in Europe”. It is known for its curated, authentic and somewhat unusual startup events and parties.