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A perfect IT-Project – How to successfully integrate an external service provider

Break Out Stage 1

When it comes to developing digital products, the collaboration between customer and external service providers can become quite a challenge. Different methods for project management and work processes, as well as insufficient communication,  can often be recognized as the causes. In this Breakout Session, we want to share our experience on how external service providers can be successfully integrated into the execution of an IT-Project. Our focus will be on how agile methods, a standardized communication concept and technical solutions like continuous integration can play a vital role in such projects.


Gero Duppel

Managing Director and CTO at pro.volution.

Gero Duppel is a software engineer by heart. Since 1998 he conceptualizes and develops software related to HTTP, Web, and App. His professional career includes companies like Xsite, brainbits, Globalpark and STARTPLATZ. Since 2016 Gero is CEO of the software developing agency pro.volution GmbH in Cologne.