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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Building Successful Digital Healthcare Products – How to Prioritize Work in Engineering, Product and Design Teams

Stage 3

With five portfolio companies and nine strategic investments, ranging from telemedicine-platforms to private DNA testing, Heartbeat Labs is on of the leading platforms for Digital Healthcare in Germany. In this fireside chat, Stephanie reveals the methods used to build trust in digital health services and how she gained insights by watching young parents use an online service with a baby in their arms. Stephanie explains how to combine qualitative methods with data to prioritize the work of product managers, designers and developers and to define the core use of your product.


Stephanie Kaiser

Founder Heartbeat Labs & Council to the Federal Government. Led Product Management at Wooga.

Stephanie Kaiser is co-founder and co-managing director at Heartbeat Labs. At Wooga, Stephanie has developed online games for millions of daily active users. She went on to lead the product team at Clue, one of the world’s most successful period tracker apps. As one of ten members of the German Digitalrat she works as an advisor to the German government.

Tilman Wagner


Journalist and Innovation Manager at Deutsche Welle.

Tilman is a researcher, journalists, and curious, open mind with the Innovation Team at Deutsche Welle. With one background in digital media production and another one in media sciences, he focuses on the intersection of journalism and technology – always intending to improve the user experience. Tilman has worked on several projects around social media analysis and data-driven-approaches.