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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Success Factors for Digital Innovation Initiatives

Break Out Stage 2

Many organizations run digital innovation initiatives to digitalize processes, build customer products, or create new digital business models, using the long-term experiences of the group. Sometimes the knowledge of, for example, founders and digital pioneers are merged into these programs to cover all expertise needed. The Google Design Sprint is one approach providing a framework that can be tailored for each initiative.

But what are the main success factors, and what conditions need to be treasured to create impressive outcomes and benefit for the whole organization? How can sophisticated technologies be incorporated at an early stage? This break-out session will show our experiences gained while working with large organizations in the chemical- & pharmaceutical industry, the renewable energy sector, real estate corporates, and non-profit organizations.


Martin Prinz

Managing Director at Coac.

Martin is a data scientist who has worked for 5 years in a consultancy with a strong focus on the financial industry, before he founded his own companies with data-driven business models. He is a start-up mentor and supports young corporates to find perfect business models. He consults international organizations from Germany to take action on digitalization.