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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Conducting a Symphony for 28 Million Customers – Personalized Experiences at a Large-Scale Fashion Retailer

Stage 1

With annual revenue of more than five billion Euro, the online fashion retailer Zalando is among the biggest e-commerce platforms in Europe. What made Zalando stand out from the competition was their clear focus on the individual customer.

No matter what industry you’re in, personalization is a must-have for any company. It’s no longer a differentiator but an obligation. In this talk, you’ll hear about different problems and how personalization is used to solve them – at scale. Drawing from their experience with personalized products, Vilma and Terhi will also share some important things they have had to learn and unlearn about design and product management during the whole product lifecycle. You’ll also understand why building personalized digital products is more like conducting a symphony orchestra rather than playing as a solo artist.


Terhi Hänninen

Senior Product Manager at Zalando.

Terhi Hänninen started her career in the media industry in Finland, where she set up a strong background in engagement services. To sharpen her skills in Design Thinking, she worked at an agency. In 2017, she joined Zalando. She has worked in various product teams with the main aim of improving the personalized experience of the customers.

Vilma Sirainen

Product Design Manager at Zalando.

Vilma Sirainen aims to create things that help people express themselves through technology, playing music or, in the case of Zalando, fashion. At the online-retailer, she has worked with several personalization teams. Before Zalando, Vilma worked on US startups Grooveshark (backed by Intel) and Moveline (backed by Techstars).