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The Pain and Glory of Radical Customer Centricity – How to Turn User Testing from Bottleneck into Market Advantage

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Auxmoney has disbursed more than one billion euros in loans since it has been founded back in 2007. The Düsseldorf-based Fintech is known above all for its radical customer centricity, which is ensured by a dedicated customer experience team led by Mateo Vondey.

At the Digitale Leute Summit, he explains why you need a culture that leaves room for errors to be customer-centric, and how to raise awareness for user testing in your product teams. He also gives insights into how auxmoney sets up and develops AB-tests, combining different methods from qualitative user interviews to mouse tracking tools and data analysis. Mateo also reveals what you have to do to ensure that the results of the tests are reflected in the finished product.


Mateo Vondey

Head of Customer Experience auxmoney. Held UX-Roles at QVC and SapientNitro.

Mateo Vondey has started as “one-man-show” at Auxmoney four years ago. Since then, not only has he grown his team but shaped the customer experience team as to be integral to the success of the fintech. Before he joined Auxmoney, he worked as UX Strategist at QVC and Senior Consultant at SapientNitro.

Anna-Lena Kümpel


Startup Agent Digital Hub Cologne GmbH

Anna-Lena’s trip through the Startup World started in 2016 when she worked as an editor for the German Startup Magazine Berlin Valley. In Oct. 2017 she moved to the Rhineland, and since then she works as the Startup Agent of the Digital Hub Cologne. In this function, she builds a strong network of regional startups to connect them to local SME-Companies.