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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

How to co-create with design, product, and engineering teams from anywhere

Stage 2

MURAL is a collaboration tool for teams creating and building anywhere and any time. Over 30% of teams at Spotify use MURAL for cross-team collaboration and to scale their design processes. Over 100+ distributed MURAL employees use and build our digital whiteboard canvas to connect and co-create.

Working across teams and locations does not need to be siloed and frustrating. Hailey believes that cross-team collaboration can be dynamic and more productive. We will explore methods, tools, and processes that transform how your teams and stakeholders work together. After this talk, you will have the mindset and methods to make co-creation and distributed work your competitive advantage.

Please bring your laptop or tablet to this highly-interactive session!


Hailey Temple

Services Lead at Mural. Worked as Design Strategist at SAP.

Hailey Temple is a design facilitator and instructor who is passionate about creating change through collaboration and human-centered design. She is currently a Services Lead at MURAL who helps teams embrace digital-first and visual collaboration. Hailey previously designed and facilitated strategic sessions with SAP for over 40 international companies.