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The Headspace Way – How to Create a Joyful Product Experience

Stage 1

With 45 million members worldwide and more than one million paying subscribers Headspace is one of the stand-out digital health products. In this talk Lead Product Designer Frank Bach will show you how Headspace has developed its unique, joyful design. He will highlight how fun animations, a light-hearted UI and carefully selected sounds are integral to the success of a service, that has helped millions of people to deal with stress, anxiety or issues with sleep.

And yes, there will be meditation! So, relax yourself and enjoy 30 minutes of deep product design insights!


Frank Bach

Lead Product Designer Headspace. Worked as Senior Visual & Interaction Designer at Edenspiekerman.

“Designing for Headspace requires empathy of the highest degree”, says Frank Bach, Lead Product Designer at the widely successful meditation app. In this role he tries to balance out the business goals of the digital health service with the expectations of its members, who are very sensitive to changes to a product they care deeply about.