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From Analog Speedos to Digital Cockpits – Agile Development of the Porsche Taycan Cockpit-UI/UX

Main Stage

Porsche vehicles have been inspiring people for generations. Models like the legendary 911 have not only written history in technology but also in design. Porsche aspires to live up to this legacy in the digital age with the new Porsche Taycan. 

In this Fireside Chat, Lutz Krauß, Head of the UI/UX department, explains how he and his team develop Porsche’s next generation digital displays, driving assistants and modern user interfaces. Lutz reveals why Porsche aims for a „holistic connect experience.“ He talks about how Porsche has embraced agile methods early on and how the cross-functional developer teams collaborate with vehicle engineers. 

The veteran UI/UX-designer and agile coach also presents how Porsche has created a simulation environment that allows designers to quickly test features that not only affect how the users interact with a touchscreen but have consequences for the entire driving experience. 

Join this conversation and learn why designing a UX/UI for Porsche is more like building an entire cockpit than a tiny device. 


Dr. Lutz Krauß

Head of UI/UX at Porsche AG.

“Make it easy” is the motto of Lutz, who has two decades of experience in UI/UX design and holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Early on, he explored how user research and testing can accelerate the development of man-machine-interfaces. He has been with Porsche since 2003, where his design team has grown from two to more than 70 people.

Mark Kreuzer


Editor at Mobilegeeks.

Mark is an editor specialized in mobility at Mobilegeeks.de, one of Germany’s most influential tech-blogs. He hosts the podcasts KRAMKR, where he dives deeper into his topics. Apart from that, the graduated engineer also leads sales and construction at INORON GmbH, the company of his family.