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Make things, not slides: What you need to know when starting an IoT project

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The Internet of Things offers enormous potential. IoT enables companies to automate business processes, make them more secure and reliable, save costs in the long term, and even tap into new business models. But which aspects are to be considered when starting an IoT project?

Under the premise „Make things, not slides“ Robert Jänisch, CEO IOX, explains how IoT concepts can be transferred into reality instead of getting stuck in innovation pipelines. By introducing real-life use cases, he will provide detailed insights for digital professionals.


Robert Jänisch

Founder and CEO at IOX Lab.

Robert Jänisch is the founder and CEO of IOX Lab. As a certified IT-Business manager he has been working with IT technology for more than 20 years and has already been responsible for many transformation projects for companies in the areas of system management, IT processes and service management. His current focus is in the areas of Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.