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Passion for People, Pragmatism for Processes – How to Become a Remote First Company

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This year Komoot has surpassed Google Maps as the most used tool for planning bike trips in Germany. This success story has been driven by a team of people, who are just as enthusiastic about being outdoors as their eight million users, and thus made remote work an essential part of the company values.

In this fireside chat, Jonas Spengler reveals, how becoming a remote-first company has enabled Komoot to grow and improve its product tremendously. The co-founder and CTO of the outdoor app explains, why remote work is a key differentiator for them and how they addressed the fears and insecurities of their employees during the change process. He shares, how they have refined their development processes, meeting structures and office management to fit a remote-first work environment. You will also learn how to find and hire talent, who have the right skills and personality for a remote team.


Jonas Spengler

Co-Founder and CTO at Komoot.

Jonas Spengler grew up in the mountains, where he developed his passion for being outdoors. He moved to Berlin to work as a freelance developer and graduated in computer and social science. Komoot now gives him the chance to combine his love for nature with his enthusiasm for new technologies.

Alex Stump


Co-Founder at DL Remote. Held various roles at DTAG and SAP.

Alexander is a growth manager with experience in various product, sales & consulting roles at DTAG, SAP, and Framfab. He is a passionate remote team leader for more than 10 years and Co-Founder of dl-remote.com.