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Upping Your Creativity Game – How to Create the Perfect Design Sprint Experience

Fireside Chat
Stage 1

AJ&Smart has grown into one of the top-addresses for Design Sprints. Brittni Bowering is Head of Brand at the Berlin-based agency and has been involved in more than 50 Design Sprints, working with international companies like Google, Adidas and Lufthansa.

In this talk, you learn from Brittni how to create the perfect Design Sprint experience. This involves creating the right environment for a successful Design Sprint, avoiding typical traps during the facilitation and taking the right steps after the sprint week so that designers and developers can implement the results into the final product.

Also, Brittni knows a surprising number of songs, that use the word „crazy“; because, sometimes, a little bit of craziness is just what a successful Design Sprint needs.


Brittni Bowering

Head of Brand AJ&Smart. Design Sprint Expert and Training Lead.

Brittni fell in love with the tech-community during her time at an ad agency in Berlin. At AJ&Smart, she now infuses product teams and companies with her passion for design and processes. Another passion project of hers is the weekly podcast „Happy Hour“ in which she and her co-host chat about career progression and work management.

Andreas Kwiatkowski


Co-Founder and Managing Director at how.fm

Andreas is an experienced founder with great interest in excellent products. He has vast experience in product management and is passionate about productivity and time management tools. With SoundReply he studies how product development for voice apps work.