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Compete in Music Streaming – How to Effectively Localize an International B2C Product

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Although Google, Apple and Spotify are major players on the music streaming market, Deezer has attracted 14 million active users in more than 180 countries. In this talk, Benoit Treperau, VP Product of the Paris based streaming service, will explain, how Deezer has scaled its international efforts and how his product teams interact closely with local teams, local users and local music communities to turn every version of Deezer into a unique experience tailored to the local audience.


Benoit Terpereau

VP Product at Deezer. Worked as Product Director at Enablon and CTO at MyLittleParis.

“As a trained software engineer, I’m not used to talk to people”, Benoit says jokingly about himself. So to become a product manager nine years ago, he had to get out of his comfort zone to put users at the center of what he does and build products that provide value. As VP Product at Deezer he now navigates the complex requirements of the music industry, while making sure that the users have a seamless experience.

Tilo Bonow


Founder Piabo

Tilo Bonow is founder and CEO of PIABO, Germany’s leading PR partner for the digital economy headquartered in Berlin. As a long-time entrepreneur, communications expert and investor, he actively supports his clients in achieving their local and global growth targets, including tech giants such as Stripe, GitHub, Merck, WeWork and Silicon Valley Bank.