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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

An Unlikely Partnership – How Germany’s Biggest Public Transport Organization Became a Hub for Digital Mobility Innovation

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More than one billion rides with the buses and trains of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) are counted every year. At the same time, hardly any other German city has as much competition as Berlin does, with alternative mobility offers like e-scooters, car sharing and bike rentals available at every corner of the streets. However, instead of getting disrupted by new players, the BVG has become a leading figure innovating the challenging and ever-changing mobility market of the German capital.

In this talk, Sebastian Wolf, Product Owner at BVG, and Justas Petronis, Product Manager at Trafi, present how the public transport provider and the mobility software company are jointly designing new mobility solutions for the people in Germany’s largest city. They will highlight how innovative structures and processes are created in a public service provider with more than 14.000 employees and how they set up a mobility alliance, using Trafi’s mobility platform.

How unlikely it may sound, the partnership of a local public enterprise and a global startup seems to be a recipe for success.


Justas Petronis

Product Manager at Trafi. Worked as Project Manager at Adform.

As a senior product manager at Trafi, Justas helps big cities to launch multimodal mobility services which in turn empower people to move around conveniently and with ease. Previously, he worked at Adform as one of their Creative Solutions project managers. Justas holds a degree in Analytic Philosophy, specializing in philosophy of mind and epistemology.

Sebastian Wolf

Product Owner Ticket & Mobility Apps at Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG).

During years of working in strategy consulting, Sebastian saw countless great products getting crushed between the corporate millstones of silo mentality. Concluding that only a strong sense of ownership would help against these toxic patterns, he set out to do better. As part of a joint team of BVG and the mobility startup Trafi, Sebastian recently launched the multimodal mobility platform Jelbi.