Data Visualization


In his breakout session, Adam gives a practical introduction to data visualization. You will learn what data visualization is (and why you should care!), how to tell the difference between good and bad visualizations, and how to display your data compellingly.


Adam Janes

Data Visualisation Engineer and Co-Founder at F35.

Adam is a data visualization engineer and startup founder from the UK. He first learned about data visualization while studying computer science at Harvard University. He has a passion for building supportive communities so that people feel secure and accepted enough to fulfil their true potential.

Manuel Koelman


Serial Entrepreneur and chairman at

Manuel is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and chairman of He has experienced the entrepreneurial rollercoaster first-hand. connects the startup ecosystem and organizes e.g. the Pirate Summit, the “craziest startup conference in Europe”. It is known for its curated, authentic and somewhat unusual startup events and parties.