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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

A Diverse Approach – Using mixed methods to understand users

Fireside Chat
Stage 3

For more than a decade now, Adblock Plus has been amongst the most popular ad blockers on the Internet. But the types of users using Adblock Plus has changed over time, so this provides a big challenge, when it comes to user research.

In this fireside chat, Ann-Lee Chou, UX Researcher at eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, reveals how they use mixed methods to understand both the attitudes and behaviors of their evolving user base. She explains when and how they do usability testing, and when to look to other types of quantitative methods, as well as how both types of data are used. She will also step into the process of how personas are developed and what role they play in helping product teams relate to their users.


Ann-Lee Chou

User Experience Researcher at Eyeo. Held roles at Google and Doubleclick.

Ann-Lee Chou started her career at Doubleclick and Google in the early 2000s. At eyeo, she helps Product and Design to better understand what users want and need from web- and mobile products.

Christoph Bresler


Founder & UX Designer at Spacepilots.

Christoph founded two IT-Start-ups. As an educated UX and media designer, he now runs his digital agency Spacepilots with a team, that supports companies to conceive and develop bullet-proof and user-centric apps and digital business models. He also is part of the b2b legal tech startup team of Smartvokat. His mission is to build better products for users with the help of innovation and service design methods.