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The Airbnb-Formula for Building Product: Do Things That Don’t Scale

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Airbnb has not only disrupted the travel industry but has become a trailblazer for the sharing economy in general, inspiring hundreds of similar startups to become “the Airbnb of” their respective industries. However, while many have tried to model oneself on the Airbnb-formula, few have successfully done it. So, why not learn from the pioneer itself how to do it?

With Experiences, Airbnb is now repeating its very own recipe for success. In this fireside chat, Colleen Graneto, who’s led product development in both the Experiences business and now the Payments Platform, explains the underlying principles of product management at Airbnb. By starting with the perfect experience for one user, Colleen and her teams created a product, that extends and enriches the core use of the platform for millions of travelers around the globe in a meaningful way. Join us for this conversation and go on a whole new journey to successful product development!


Colleen Graneto

Product Leader at Airbnb. Teaches Product Management, Scrum and Agile at General Assembly.

In her role at Airbnb, she is transforming the platform infrastructure and refining the product development methodology, so that new business growth can happen fast. Before leading the Payments team, she was responsible for Airbnb Experiences. Having worked for B2B- and B2C-products alike, Colleen has a unique understanding of what is necessary to launch products that resonate with users.

Stefan Vosskoetter


Founder and CEO at Digitale Leute.

Stefan is the founder and managing director of Digitale Leute and Deutsche Startups. Since 2005, he has successfully founded various internet startups and has mostly taken the product owner role in these projects. With Digitale Leute he and his team give deep insights into the different job roles in digital product development.