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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

#DLSummit 2023: It’s all about building better products — with insights from some of the biggest names in the product management industry

25. Oktober 2023

Want to enhance your product management skills and learn how to build better products to stay ahead of the curve? At #DLSummit 2023, we have gathered incredible minds from the product community to share their expertise and insights with you. Join a jam-packed day of inspiration and innovation as we dive into the world of product management, learn new product strategies, and connect with like-minded people.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of Germany’s leading conference at the intersection of Engineering, UX/Design & Product – join us on November 8th!

Keynote: The Product Roadmap — A Curse or Blessing for Product People?

Product roadmaps are an important product management tool. But traditional feature-based roadmaps are difficult to use for digital products where change and uncertainty are present for most of their life cycle. Does this mean that we should stop using product roadmaps? Roman’s talk discusses how you can successfully use a modern, outcome-based product roadmap to describe the value a product should create, align the stakeholders, and unburden the product backlog while avoiding premature commitments and preserving the ability to inspect and adapt.

In Conversation with Frank Harris, Slack’s VP of Product: Mastering Enterprise SaaS Challenges

In this interview, we will deep dive into the daily routine of Frank, VP of Product, Platform at Slack, shedding light on the organizational structure and his responsibilities that primarily focus on ensuring the seamless functionality and continuous enhancement of Slack’s developer platform.

Frank will talk about the strategic underpinnings of Slack’s product structure, encompassing its core messaging platform, productivity features like apps, automations, and workflow builders, and the metrics he uses to measure the product success of the developer platform. The discussion explores the personas Slack caters to, aiming for a broader engagement across developers, non-technical users, and end users.

Delving into the architecture of the developer platform team, the conversation explores the foundational API layer, developer experience, ecosystem layer, and end-user experience, supported by a robust team of approx. 125 professionals across Product, Design, and Engineering.

Talk: From Feature Factory to Product-Led Success – Navigating Doodle’s Journey

Join us for an open and inspiring talk in which Stephanie recounts her true story from Doodle’s recent shift to a SaaS business using a product-led growth strategy. This is not a story of overnight success, but rather a realistic assessment of the difficulties encountered and lessons learned. Learn how a critical release failure resulted in customer attrition and complaints, forcing a shift toward a product-led approach. Through this authentic narrative, you will gain practical insights into product strategy, people and process emphasis, and leadership.

Talk: Aligning business goals and user outcomes with Impact Mapping

In today’s fast-paced business environment, aligning product leadership and product teams around business goals and user outcomes is crucial. One powerful tool that facilitates this strategic alignment is Impact Mapping. This presentation will delve into the concept of Impact Mapping and its role in fostering collaboration and driving effective decision-making within organizations to prioritizing work effectively and bridge the gap between strategy and execution. We will explore how Impact Mapping blends seamlessly with other popular frameworks such as OKRs, Lean Startup and OST to create roadmaps, measure success, run experiments, and kick-start product discovery. By the end of this presentation, attendees will have an introduction of Impact Mapping’s potential in creating products that align with business goals and user outcomes.

Talk: Empowering with Strong Strategies

How do you identify, select and define the right Product Strategy? How do you connect it to execution and align the entire company towards the same goals? In this talk, Nacho will walk you through practical frameworks and tools to:

The results of applying these tools are:

Keynote: Building AI Products: Between Hype and Worry

Successful AI Products solve critical business and user needs, they are not treated as just an engineering initiative. Everyone involved, including business leaders and product managers have a responsibility to cut through that noise and understand the real risks and opportunities of AI on our products and our profession. But with this current hype, it can be challenging to separate the facts from fiction and understand how to navigate the real risks and opportunities of AI.

In her closing keynote, Karin will dispel some of the myths surrounding AI and explore how to build AI products that are not only innovative but also trustworthy, through real-world examples, lessons learned, and practical tips. Expect to leave with stories and insights that will empower and inspire you to take action in managing risk and build products that prioritize reliability, inclusivity, and transparency.

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Product Owner Bootcamp — a kick-off to your product management career

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