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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Cloudy with a chance of AI: System Design Beyond Prototypes

Conference Stage 1

With the proliferation of Machine Learning (ML) models in different products, it is becoming more important to see them as parts of dynamic systems during the design and implementation phase. This talk will focus on the importance of thinking in terms of systems to model the behavior of different components, account for feedback loops and have a holistic view. Regardless of your background, you will get a better idea about how to contribute to building robust ML-based systems, what questions to ask and which tradeoffs to consider. Whatever your area of expertise is, there is something for you in this talk!


Omayma Said

Senior Data Scientist (Machine Learning) at trivago.

Omayma is a Senior Data Scientist and Instructor. She currently works at trivago focusing on designing end-to-end Machine Learning products. Prior to that she led data science teams and played different roles in industry including applied research. As an instructor she delivered several workshops around the world as she likes providing enjoyable learning experiences. In addition, she is deeply interested in the topic of algorithmic fairness and the practical aspects of building trustworthy AI systems.