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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

“What I love about Digitale Leute is that you really meet the product community in the region, but you also meet product experts that go beyond that. You bring the right people into the room.”
Dr Alexander Borek
Director of Data Analytics at Zalando
“I got to know very inspiring people. I got to listen to a lot of cool talks. It offers something for everyone.”
Christian Zweckerl
SVP Group IT at Douglas
“It’s a really well-designed event. I think the stage and the overall objects feel really good. It’s also intimate and cosy. I think it's a really nice size group for audience engagement. And also, I feel optimistic that I will meet a lot of people because of the size of the event.”
Sara Kalinoski
Senior Product Design Manager at Delivery Hero
“The mix of a conference that focus on the way that we work. So it’s a combination of product managers, designers and engineers. That’s how we work! So community, probably, is the first word that pops into my mind about this conference.”
Frank Harris
VP of Product Platform at Slack
“I love it because it is one of a few conferences for product people that really matter.”
Stephanie Leue
CPO at Doodle
„I can highly recommend the event to other people. I found that most of the talks were in English, most of the topics were very international, not German specific, and at the same time, the level of talks was very high. So this is definitely one of the recommended events in Europe or the world for product people.“
Itamar Gilad
Product Management Coach
"I think Digitale Leute is a lot like all the best conferences out there — it’s a community feeling. It feels very informal and very welcoming. It’s a beautiful wild location, well-managed, so I definitely recommend coming and joining your tribe here."
Martin Eriksson
Product Partner at EQT Ventures
"If I would have to describe the event for someone who hasn't been here I will definitely say INSPIRATION in one word. It's inspiring and you know that you got to go back home and will be full of energy and it reminds you how much you love your craft."
Daria Tarawneh
Head of User Experience at Amazon Web Services
"The Digitale Leute Summit covers both, the technology and the product track, which was a good reason for me to attend."
Robert Stephenson
Senior Product Manager at Spotify
"I like the venue, I like the setup and the organisation. I also like that it's at the intersection between product, engineer and design which is key to build great products."
Nesrine Changuel
Product Manager at Google Meet
„I feel a little bit like a celebrity. It’s an amazing venue, there are all these lights and the energy is really high - one of the more cool and trendy events I’ve ever been to. Definitely more trendy than in the US.“
Jessica Kirkpatrick
Former Data Scientist at Slack