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Exploring the Product Journey: Insights from a Product Owner’s Perspective

Conference Stage 2

ING’s customers experience the final product once it’s released but they are lacking the insights into the entire and often lengthy product journey. As a Product Owner, Merit accompanies and propels the product on its journey, so come along and join her! Gain insights into the different phases of developing a product and learn about various tools that can support along the way.

Discover potential obstacles and get practical understanding on how to resolve them.


Merit Geldmacher

Product Owner at ING Germany.

As a Product Owner and Feature Engineer, Merit works within the insurance team at ING Germany. She has a background in econometrics and operations research and started her career at ING with a trainee program. Her current role is located at the interface to other teams, between business and IT as well as between the bank and the end customers. Her team focuses on delivering solutions in an agile way with the ultimate goal to maximize the value for the customer. Additionally to her work in the insurance area, Merit is engaged in attracting more women to join the Tech world and to show that the Tech is way more than just coding.