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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Data Products Masterclass: Scaling the Value of Data, Analytics & AI in the Data Mesh Paradigm

November 7th - 9am to 5pm

About the workshop

Product management usually has a strong focus on the front-end user experience. Once your customer journeys are up and running, you want to optimize them and build more intelligence into them. This is where data, analytics and AI as a product come in, which apply product management principles to the data world. Each type of these products faces different challenges:

  • Data as a Product has the biggest impact as the most valuable datasets can be shared by the data producers and used by many data consumers across the company, but the value of data products is often underrated. 
  • Analytics as a Product puts the power of data intelligence into the hands of many. It has to overcome the inconsistencies in the metrics and the lack of data literacy of the users. 
  • AI as a Product transforms business processes and customer offerings. It needs high-quality data, the acceptance of the business, and machine learning operations to ensure value and reliability. 

This workshop shares practical learnings for each of the three product types throughout the product management lifecycle and how to tackle the most common challenges. It explains the underlying capabilities needed for making data, analytics and AI as a product work in the new data mesh paradigm and strategies to get there.

Language: English

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Leverage data more strategically and with higher confidence
  • Identify opportunities for creating huge value with data, analytics and AI
  • Communicate the value to your stakeholders and executives
  • Apply the product management methodology to data, analytics and AI
  • Create a product strategy and roadmap for data, analytics and AI
  • Address the underlying platform capabilities gaps for data, analytics and AI
  • Leverage proven culture hacks to drive innovation, literacy and transformation
  • Deploy federated governance mechanisms to increase trust in data
  • Empower decentralized teams to act as data producer and data consumer
  • And most important, create even more measurable impact with data!

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for individuals in leadership roles within product management, engineering and analytics, including but not limited to:

  • (Senior) Product Managers who want to enhance leverage data for their products and apply product management principles to data, analytics, and AI products
  • Heads/VPs of Product and Digital Leaders seeking to optimize customer journeys and build more intelligence into their products using data, analytics, and AI
  • Heads/VPs of Engineering and CTOs interested in identifying opportunities for creating value with data, analytics, and AI and adopting the Data Mesh Paradigm as data producers
  • Heads/VPs of Data, Analytics, and ML looking to improve their understanding of product management methodologies and their application in the data domain

Whether you already utilise data, analytics, and AI products or plan to implement them, this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical strategies for achieving measurable impact.

About the host

Alexander Borek, a renowned data leader, keynoter and bestselling author, is passionate about empowering leaders in his Data Masterclass program to unlock the value of data, analytics, and AI with a successful track record of assisting over 50 organizations across Europe. In his book, „Driving Digital Transformation through Data and AI,“ he brought product management into these domains. Dr. Borek is Director of Data Analytics at Zalando and drives the data mesh strategy across the company. He previously led the global data analytics & AI strategy at Volkswagen Group. Dr. Borek holds a PhD in data management from the University of Cambridge.