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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Engineering excellency — How to build a product development organization that excels in developing and nurturing its talent as part of becoming a better performing company

Conference Stage 1

Are you already a 10-star expert in vue.js (or flutter or typescript), or do you still struggle at level 2? And what did your company do for your advance?

While companies are great at ensuring the company’s success, the development of people is often not properly described and implemented. Together with some experts from different companies, Johannes and Christian started to formalize how to grow experts and knowledge in a culture of expert work. This started at Tchibo. They will talk about skills, skill-levels, personnel-development paths and salaries.


Johannes Mainusch

CTO at kommitment and former VP at XING. Held CTO roles at Otto GmbH and Deutsche Post.

Founder of and contributor to kommitment. Loves tube radios and bicycles. Prefers traveling in Europe with light luggage. Likes to code in typescript and go, but mostly works with non-deterministic processors in management meetings. Likes Labskaus and chaos.


Christian Zweckerl

Director/VP Online Product & Technology at Tchibo.

Director Online Product & Technology at Tchibo. A Bavarian in the far north. Weißwurst over Labskaus. Loves the mountains, nature and motorcycle tours. In eCommerce for many years and feels most comfortable building bridges between business, product & tech. Prefers order to chaos.