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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Verticalization: Team Topologies building SCS along the Business Model Canvas

Conference Stage 2

The TalentFormation Network rebuilds companies based on the three horizon model. The concept of Verticalization is the work horse for the first horizon to get the company on a solid base for improvement and extension of the business model. The course of verticalization is building products and technology organizations reflecting the ideas of Team Topologies. Those organizations focus on development of Self-Contained Systems (SCS) which are aligned with the Business Model Canvas.
All models are wrong but some are useful: In this talk, Christoph and Benedikt will explain the ideas we combined to make them even more useful.


Christoph Wulf

Freelance Engineering Manager & Interim Head of Engineering at TalentFormation.

Before his freelance career, Christoph founded the failed start-up that is obligatory in IT. As a freelancer, he started as an expert for the Scala programming language with customers mainly in e-commerce, but also in medical technology and ride sharing. Today, he focuses less on programming and more on cloud solution architecture and building technology organizations as a member of the TalentFormation Network.


Benedikt Stemmildt

CTO at TalentFormation. Held roles at Blume2000 and Breuninger.

Passionate software architect, full-stack developer and speaker with enthusiasm for technology, architecture and organization. Develops and maintains data-driven software, focusing on customer value. He enjoys educating and training himself and others — A proud founding member of the Hacker School.