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Product Journey Value Mapping: Paving the Way for Continuous Value Delivery

Conference Stage 1

Product Management is no cakewalk. Identifying the right problems to solve and ensuring everyone understands your product and the value it offers can be quite a challenge. You might have created a compelling vision, learned more about your target audience with Personas and stacked your backlog with lots of epics.

But how do you thread these isolated pieces into a coherent narrative that guides you from vision to execution? More crucially, how do you transparently measure your progress in delivering value?

Join Dominik for this talk, where you will discover a tool that can act as your thread and needle, connecting your vision to execution by converting user interactions into tangible value. He will introduce you to the „Product Journey Value Mapping“ framework, which can be directly applied to your products. Together with Dominik you will explore the process of dissecting a product’s lifecycle, understanding diverse user perspectives, and creating actionable metrics using a real-world product example.


Dominik Kress

Product Manager at Giant Swarm.

Dominik is a Product Manager at Giant Swarm, responsible for a Kubernetes Platform with Cluster API. He has been in the IT industry for over 6 years, starting his journey as a Full Stack Software Engineer falling in love with DevOps and Product Organisations to later become a Product Manager for Cloud Technology. Dominik is very passionate about Cloud Transformation, Product Management and helping people. He loves contributing to the community with talks, articles, or his publications.