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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


System Transformation – How to build a new platform

Conference Stage 1

Interhyp Gruppe was founded in 1999 and is the market leader in the field of private real estate mortgages. With the help of over 150 colleagues in the digital sector, they are working on developing a completely new platform in the field of real estate financing called „home“. In this talk, Jelena and Benjamin will share their insights on the transformation of a grown monolithic system into a modern microservice architecture.

How do you truly build a platform that caters to all user groups?
How do you digitize processes in which millions of paper sheets are sent via courier and processed by over 500 lenders each year?

They will provide you with an overview of the development of Interhyp’s overarching architecture and a deep dive into what needs to be considered in the work of an individual squad. How can you, regardless of your role, support the journey towards platform or system transformation, and why is this ultimately relevant to everyone in the company?


Benjamin Girr

Teamlead Product Architecture at Interhyp Gruppe.

Benjamin joined Interhyp Gruppe in 2012 as a working student and became a Product Owner for documents in the mortgage market. He and his team digitalized the whole document handling for the mortgage market from paper to paperless. He then moved to the core product of mortgage comparison and redesigned it with his team, becoming a part of a new platform, before he came Chapter Lead and was responsible for coaching more than 30 Product Owner in the Interhyp Gruppe. Benjamin then started with colleagues the initiative of Product Architecture building a new open housing platform from the scratch. He now works as manager responsible for the Business Chapter Leads of the Product.


Jelena Maticevic

Senior Product Owner at Interhyp Gruppe.

In 2019, Jelena transitioned to Jochen Schweizer mydays Holding, where she worked as a Junior Product Owner. Contributing to shaping the product vision in e-commerce, prioritized and crafted the implementation roadmap, and led cross-functional teams. Followed by a Product Owner role in 2020.
Her most recent professional challenge began in 2021 at Interhyp AG, where she is now working as a Senior Product Owner. In this role, she is responsible for the roadmap and vision of the collaboration module within the home platform and oversees the transition of legacy system components into the target architecture.