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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Revolutionizing App Development: The Power and Potential of Low-Code Tools

Conference Stage 3

We all always hear about the benefits and limitations of Low-Code applications. Swimmondo’s talk gives you an overview of the most advanced low-code tools and how they enabled them to build a business from scratch to several million in yearly revenues.

Axel and Marcel will focus on how various tools can be combined to create powerful applications and how they integrate with „traditional“ programming languages. They will focus on product managers and how these tools can help accelerate software development.


Axel Altweger

CEO of Swimmondo.

Axel is one of the co-founders of Swimmondo GmbH, one of the leading swimming pool distributors in the German-speaking area. Before Swimmondo, he worked in various roles for Sani nudge, a Danish health-tech startup. After a frustrating experience searching for an ERP for Swimmondo, Axel grew a particular interest in low-Code tools and started building an industry-specific solution.


Marcel Hecht

IT-Director at Swimmondo.

Marcel has experience in various industries. He started his career with a dual study program in a startup in agriculture, where he worked as a business analyst for a supply chain platform. After that, Marcel spent four years at DEVK Versicherungen, responsible for the Document Management System and Input Management. During this time, Marcel also worked in their internal innovation hub, where he developed a passion for using technology and the latest trends to improve processes and make them more efficient and effective. Following this, Marcel worked for two years as an insurance consultant focusing on processes, organisation, and agile development. Currently, Marcel is responsible for the digitalization of swimmondo and has been focused on developing the swimmondo platform for two years.