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The Evolution of Product Delivery: Lessons from Mature Organisations

Main Stage

In the evolving landscape of product development, there’s an ongoing debate: do we launch everything at once or make incremental improvements? The case is not closed „The lean startup“ seems naïve today. This choice is crucial for product teams in both startups and established companies. It goes beyond just strategy; it’s about creating products that truly connect with users and make business grow.

The „big bang“ favoured by mature companies with established brands, focuses on launching a complete and polished product that will attract and inspire the users once launched. On the other hand, the incremental approach, which is all about learning and incrementing, gets a lot of love from the agile folks. As they experiment, iterate and fail fast.

Mohamed will share his experience with both approaches.


Mohamed Salah

Senior Director of Product at Opera.

Mohamed is a product leader, mentor and coach. He has been working in the tech industry for over 20 years. Mohamed loves helping product managers grow into leaders, empowering his teams and is obsessed about building user-centric experiences and delivering results at different organisations both big and small in varied industries.

As his name suggests Mohamed Salah is Egyptian and a big football fan! He has worked in Egypt, Turkey, and Germany. He’s background is in computer science and he holds an MBA degree from University of Illinois.