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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Tech Track 2022: Are you a CTO, Data Scientist or Engineer? Here’s why this year’s Summit is a must-attend for you

27. Oktober 2022

Software Development undoubtedly has a crucial role to play in the development of software products in large-scale environments. This year, our Conference stages will host Tech Leads from companies such as Sumup, ROQ Technology, and Zalando, who will provide deep insights into various topics they are facing on a daily basis.

Interview: Scaling Tech Teams

Building digital products with one or two teams is well understood and some might even say ‘easy’. Doing the same with many more teams comes with very different challenges. In this talk, we will look into the implications of scaling digital product development, focussing on the organizational, technical, and alignment aspects. We will discuss why an overarching approach is needed and also what opportunities scaling up your tech teams can bring.

Talk: Beyond low-code: How to build a scalable web application in weeks, not months

Are you a product owner, developer or the founder of a new startup? If you want to launch a great SaaS application, the next marketplace, or any kind of web application, this tech talk is a must attend for you. Before starting their latest venture, ROQ Technology, Tim and Fabian extensively analyzed how unique web applications can be built today. They found that despite the increasing popularity of low-code tools and kickstarter applications, POs, developers and founders still want the full flexibility and scalability of owning their codebase.

In this talk, Tim and Fabian share their research and show how to launch limitless web applications faster. You will get specific tips on how to get the speed of low-code tools and the flexibility of your own codebase.

Talk: What does Data Mesh mean for your tech team?

Dr Alexander Borek will share insights and learnings from their data mesh journey at Zalando. In the tech world, the new paradigm of data mesh is transforming the way we think about managing data in a company. Data mesh puts the responsibility for data back to the tech teams that are producing the data – they are now fully accountable for data. It changes from looking at all data as the new oil that is pumped into a lake to managing it as a product. Data infrastructure is democratized and provided to all tech teams that do not have necessarily specialized data engineering capabilities. And, eventually, data governance becomes more federated and automated and ensures data product interoperability and trustworthiness. What do I need to get prepared for as a product manager or engineering manager in the exciting world of data mesh?

Conversation: Smash IT — 6 management wishes

CIO and CTO under pressure. IT is in trouble. Skilled labor is in short supply, and the old experts are retiring. Among the supervisory boards, there is still little understanding of digitization. So what is to be done?

In turns, each speaker expresses a concrete wish to mitigate the perils of lack of know-how, legacy IT and the missing ability to innovate. And we take turns commenting on the wishes of the others.

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Announcement DL Summit 2022: Brand new stage dedicated to startup topics and a live recording of the DS Insider Podcast with Alexander Hüsing and Sven Schmidt
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