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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Efficient Product-Engineering collaboration in hyper growth companies

Conference Stage 1

Companies in a hyper growth stage face significant challenges to establish and continuously evolve a collaboration model between Product and Engineering, which often is a major blocker for the efficiency and productivity of the whole company.

– How do you balance between the massive scale and the need to deliver high-value customer features fast?
– How do you establish the right balance between product and engineering scope?
– What is the right organizational design for your Product and Engineering functions?
– How do you manage to establish good product roadmaps while facing high uncertainty of the hyper-growth stage?

In this talk, Peter Minev will try to answer these questions, which many technology and business leaders are facing, in their quest to establish high performing tech companies.


Peter Minev

CTO at Clark. Held roles at SAP and VMware.

Peter Minev is an entrepreneur and an engineering leader who has built tech organizations in companies of various sizes and in various industries around the globe. He is the author of the book „Building TECH.” He is also the creator of the TOPStrengthener® tech assessment tool. Peter holds an M. Sc. degree in Engineering and an EMBA degree with honours from ESMT Berlin.

In 2019 Peter received the ESMT Leadership Achievement Award, following the successful establishment of the engineering office of Careem in Berlin, Germany, which made a major contribution to the growth of the company and its successful acquisition by Uber for $3.1B.

Currently, Peter serves as a CTO of the digital insurance broker Clark, board member of the digital inheritance service DGLegacy, startups and VCs advisor.