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Free up your WordPress business: How creatives save time and effort with managed WordPress hosting

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To survive against the competition, websites need to be fast and easy to manage. With the example of our Agency Partner Contunda, Navid and Ralf will show you how it is done. They will share Contunda’s success story with you, from self-made hosting to managed WordPress hosting at Raidboxes. Raidboxes’s green hosting guarantees high-performing and secure websites that you can manage effortlessly in a single dashboard — while protecting the future of the planet.


Navid Razavi

Partner Manager at Raidboxes.

Navid is Partner Manager at Raidboxes and his main focus is on developing our Free Dev program for agencies and freelancers. He’s passionate about creating customer-centric solutions that address the specific needs of our Raidboxes Partners. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and entertaining.


Ralf Lahrkamp

Outbound Sales Manager at Raidboxes.

Ralf is Outbound Sales Manager at Raidboxes and supports new agencies, freelancers, and website owners to get started with our product. He has over 10 years of experience in sales and is an expert in new customer acquisition and support. He knows what it takes to present a customer value proposition clearly. Ralf always acts with the customer in mind and promotes straightforward and open communication.


Julian Post

Co-Founder and SEO-Consultant of Contunda.

Julian is co-founder of Contunda and he’s passionate about technical optimization of WordPress websites. Hosting, resolving issues both large and small and classic SEO top off his skillset. Outside of work, he’s a keen mountainbiker and electronic music enthusiast.