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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


How to marry Data Science and Product

Conference Stage 2

Data Science supports OBI, one of the largest DIY companies in Europe, in its vision of the DIY store of the future. AI services are built that contribute to providing customers with the best possible support for their DIY projects. Building these AI services and bringing them to production needs not just AI and Engineering knowledge but also knowledge about how to build products. Ruth will show in her talk that Data Science and Product have much more in common than one would maybe assume.


Dr. Ruth Janning

Head of Data Science at OBI next and former Director of Engineering at real.digital.

Dr. Ruth Janning works at OBI next as Head of Data Science. She is an expert in Artificial Intelligence with a Dr. rer. nat. focusing on Machine Learning and Data Mining. She is involved in building Data Science teams and related processes and tools, as well as developing AI solutions. Her focus is on the development of complete AI services from conceptualisation to deployment and productive use.